Ukrop's and Uppy's Partner on Fuel Rewards

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Ukrop's and Uppy's Partner on Fuel Rewards

RICHMOND, Va. -- Since Ukrop’s Super Markets, Inc. launched its innovative fuelperks! rewards program on June 30, Richmond customers have saved more than $515,000 on fuel purchases.

Ukrop’s President and CEO Bobby Ukrop told the Midlothian that the average per fill up savings is approximately $5.

"Ukrop’s customers in the Richmond area have redeemed fuelperks! nearly 80,000 times totaling more than one million gallons of discounted gas," Ukrop told Midlothian "We’ve seen strong interest from customers in saving on groceries and gas purchases through fuelperks!. Some customers rush to the pump while others are opting to accumulate fuelperks!."

The loyalty program provides customers with the opportunity to save 10 cents per gallon of fuel for every $50 of groceries they buy at any Richmond region Ukrop’s location or Joe’s Market.

Ukrop explained that fuelperks! discounts, which can add up over multiple grocery purchases, are for up to 20 gallons of fuel per transaction at any of the 21 participating locations run by Uppy’s Convenience Stores Inc. Customers do not need to spend $50 in a single visit. When the fuelperks! discount is redeemed at the pump, customers begin the savings process over again.

"As two family-owned businesses in Richmond, Ukrop’s and Uppy’s are helping our customers with two of their biggest monthly budget items -- groceries and gas," Ukrop told Midlothian "We’ve made the program as easy and as convenient as possible, and it’s continuing to grow. While redeeming my fuelperks! At Uppy’s, I have been fascinated listening to customers – hearing stories about how much fuelperks! discount they accumulated and how much they appreciate saving $12, $35 or even $70 per fill up."

A complete list of participating locations and detailed information about the program is available at