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United Oil Converts to 4G Wireless Connectivity

GARDENA, Calif. -- United Oil Co. switched to a 4G wireless Internet connection in an effort to improve communications between its 127 gas stations and convenience stores to its corporate headquarters.

According to Network Computing, United Oil formerly used DSL Internet lines, but the communications quality varied from location to location. Therefore, the Gardena, Calif.-based company decided to switch to a Verizon 4G service with Cradlepoint routers.

"We knew that we wanted to get off DSL and there were a number of vendors that we looked at in making the decision to move to 4G," United Oil's Director of Technology, Bill De La Espriella, told the news outlet. "But in the end, the Cradlepoint and Verizon team was able to bring to us the technology expertise and resources that enabled us to do what we wanted to do."

Communication was not the only factor United Oil considered when selecting a 4G provider. United Oil also had to meet payment card industry (PCI) requirements for credit card transactions.

"The decision was to move our credit card payment processing over to the 4G wireless connection, although at some stations, the brand requires that we process credit card transactions over a satellite connection," De La Espirella told the news source. "However, even in those cases, we're slowly moving to a new program that will allow us to process these transactions over wireless broadband."

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