Vegan C-store Food Fight! No Longer a One-Off

PORTLAND, Ore. — Vegan convenience store Food Fight! has opened its second location in Portland, offering products such as coconut bacon, vegan haggis and caviar, meatless jerky and a wide variety of other dairy- and meat-free products.

Located at 11155 NE Halsey St. in the Gateway neighborhood, Food Fight! also offers options like the Snackrilege Foods line of grab-and-go vegan sandwiches, whose product names include Lord of the Wings, Steak Bite Love and the Notorious B.L.T., according to a report

Owners Chad Miller and Emiko Badillo opened the first Food Fight! in 2003 after moving from New York City to Portland, when the husband and wife discovered they had to visit multiple stores to purchase all the vegan products they wanted.

"We couldn't get all the things we wanted in one store when we were grocery shopping so we just decided to go for it and open our own — and get super into credit card debt," Miller said.

The first Food Fight! c-store is located at Southeast 12 and Stark Street in Portland, where it shares a building with other vegan businesses.

"We try to make it seem like less like self-flagellation, self-sacrifice and make it a bunch of fun food," Miller said. "You don't have to give up corn dogs."