VERC Enterprises Receives Community Partnership Award

DUXBURY, Mass. -- VERC Enterprises received a "Community Partnership" Award from Minute Man Arc in recognition of the company's policy to hire workforce from the special needs community, according to a report in The New England Business Bulletin.

Leo Vercollone, CEO of convenience store retailer VERC Enterprises, accepted the award from Marty Martini, executive director of Minute Man Arc for Human Services Inc., during the agency's annual meeting held June 9, 2010, and the CEO was honored for exceeding a pledge made last fall to hire 10 percent of the VERC Enterprise workforce from the special needs community, the report stated. Currently, the company's percentage is 15.9 percent.

"VERC Enterprises reached out to Massachusetts-based employment programs in search of individuals to staff their convenience stores, gas stations and car washes, with Minute Man Arc providing five individuals who are now employed by VERC," Martini said in the report. "We thank Leo for hiring from our populations, and for recognizing that all individuals want and need meaningful work in the community -- he is a true hero, making inclusion a reality for the individuals at Minute Man Arc."

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