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VERC Makes Gesture of Gratitude to Local Police

DUXBURY, Mass. — In the aftermath of several recent violent events involving police officers, those in law enforcement perhaps need a pick-me-up. VERC Enterprises Inc. offered this pick-me-up, delivering fruit baskets to police departments in the 25 towns in which it operates convenience stores.

The idea came about when VERC Enterprises President Leo Vercollone attended a recent industry study group. He and seven other convenience store owners from across the country meet regularly to share best practices.

“Don Good, who runs a chain of 15 stores in Indiana named Good to Go said he had sent flower baskets to local police departments in his area,” Vercollone recalled. “I talked to our team and we decided to send fruit baskets.”

Delivered on July 15, the fruit baskets bore the message “we admire what you do and support you for your work in our community.”

“This is just a small way of recognizing our police departments for all they do,” said Vercollone. “VERC Enterprises is blessed to operate within these communities and we have a great degree of appreciation for what police do day in and day out.”

Duxbury-based VERC Enterprises Inc. is an independent chain of convenience stores and gasoline stations, with locations throughout eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

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