VeriFone Achieves PCI PTS 3.0 for VX Evolution Products

PARIS, France -- VeriFone Systems Inc. reported the flagship systems of its new VX Evolution product family have been validated as compliant with the new PCI Payment Transaction Security (PTS) 3.0 security requirements.

PCI PTS 3.0 builds on existing requirements for increased security, and expands the scope of the compliance program by adding three new modules for open protocols, integration and secure reading and exchange of data. The VX 680 mobile system, desktop VX 520 and PIN entry VX 820 have all achieved the latest version of the PCI PTS requirements, the company reported.

"VeriFone continues to exceed industry requirements with speedy implementation of the latest security standards," said Paul Rasori, VeriFone senior vice president of marketing. "PCI PTS 2.0- and 3.0-compliant systems will coexist for several years, but customers who chose to do so can deploy VeriFone’s PCI PTS 3.0 option now in order to remain compliant for longer periods."

PCI PTS 3.0 will ensure that PIN entry devices using open security protocols and open communications protocols are not vulnerable. It also provides a first step toward point-to-point encryption (often referred to as end-to-end encryption) by enabling cardholder data to be secured or protected after it is read by the PCI PTS terminal, according to the company.

Announced in April, VX Evolution represents the next generation of VeriFone’s popular payment solutions line with enhancements including integrated contactless, end-to-end encryption and powered by an ARM11 advanced processor with large standard memory configurations.

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