Wawa Begins Intensive Journey to Improve Its Food Quality

WAWA, Pa. — Wawa Inc. has begun an intensive journey to improve its food quality, starting with "Poultry Raised Without Antibiotics" available in all of its stores.

The move is part of a quality food commitment made by the convenience store chain that includes a pledge of continuous improvements and an ongoing review of all products, ingredients and supplier partnerships.

The introduction of "Poultry Raised Without Antibiotics" will impact more than 23 items, including Wawa's Express Case salads containing chicken or turkey; poultry based ingredients used to make hoagies and sandwiches; and Sizzli Breakfast Sandwiches containing turkey.

The transition of all items containing poultry has been completed, with the exception of soups, which will be fully converted in 2018, according to the company.

"We are excited to announce this first step in our promise to deliver enhanced quality products to customers across the Wawa chain," said Mike Sherlock, chief fresh food and beverage officer. "At Wawa, we are always looking for ways to provide continuous improvement for our customers, rooted in the spirit of our core values, mainly do things right and do the right thing for our customers, communities and our planet. Upgrading our products to 'Poultry Raised Without Antibiotics' is just one part of this larger picture commitment. We look forward to announcing additional food quality enhancements throughout the year."

Accompanying the introduction of this new classification is a special stamp that has been applied to the Wawa ordering touchscreen to highlight the transition to "Poultry Raised Without Antibiotics."

"Providing 'Poultry Raised Without Antibiotics' is an enhanced measure to ensure we are delivering our products with care, building on our long-standing commitment to quality and meeting the preferences of consumers who are becoming more focused on what they eat and where their food is coming from," the company said in a released statement.

As part of Wawa's ongoing commitment to provide safe, fresh, high-quality foods, the company also announced that it has established a fully integrated food and product quality program, and is improving and formalizing the programs, standards, and audit criteria for the vendors who supply the food products it serves.

To guide its journey, Wawa has established an independent advisory council of top experts and thought leaders in food and animal safety, food technology and health and wellness. Its food safety program includes a focus on animal welfare that requires suppliers to meet key standards of ethical and responsible food sourcing.

Pennsylvania-based Wawa operates more than 750 convenience retail stores, 510 offering gasoline, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

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