Wawa CEO Explains Hoagie Price Increases

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Wawa CEO Explains Hoagie Price Increases


WAWA, Pa. -- WawaCEO Howard Stoeckel reached out to the retail chain's Facebook fans after customers complained about the increased price of its signature sandwiches.

In a letter posted on the Wawa Facebook site, Stoeckel thanked customers for their comments and noted that the $3.49 tag on its shorti Hoagie during this summer's Hoagiefest was raised after the price was held at $2.99 for three years despite increases in commodity costs.

"We faced the tough decision this year to either raise the price or walk away from Hoagiefest altogether," Stoeckel wrote in his Facebook post. "The feedback we received was clear: 'Raise the price if you must, but keep the celebration alive!'"

The Wawa team decided to maintain the size and quality of the hoagies, rather than cut corners to maintain a price point, the CEO noted.

"We believe that this is the best way to continue to serve and delight you, our valued customers," Stoeckel's message said.