Wawa Deploys Customized Web Pages for Customers

WAWA, Pa. -- Wawa Inc. is now using Znode Inc.'s Znode Storefront to present customized Web pages to customers based on their geographic location and past purchase history, Dennis Egen, vice president of information technology at the Archer Group, a technology consulting firm that deployed Znode Storefront for Wawa, told InternetRetailer.com.

"If someone comes to the Wawa site from the Philadelphia Inquirer's newspaper site, we could run a promotion specifically for people in Philadelphia related to Wawa's stores there," Egen said in the report.

The Wawa Web site offers gift cards, apparel and mugs with the Wawa logo, and the customized pages is leading to return visits online, offering the convenience store retailers the opportunity to promote popular in-store products, such as the Hoagie sandwiches, Egen told InternetRetailer.com.

Additionally, the company coordinates its customized Web content with promotional announcements on its Facebook page, helping to build stronger customer relationships, the report stated.

The Znode Storefront was developed in two and a half months, and the overall cost to deploy the system is approximately $6,000 per Web server, with an average deployment for a mid-size retailer requiring around four servers. The total cost is close to $25,000 -- plus roughly 20 percent in annual maintenance costs, Znode Chief Technology Officer David Chu said in the report.

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