Wawa Enhances ATM Experience

WAWA, Pa. -- With the help of Diebold Inc. and PNC Bank, Wawa Inc. is celebrating its 1 billionth ATM transaction by awarding 900 "golden" receipts via its ATMs across the 500-store network.

The promotion awarded a golden ticket for every 24th transaction, which entitled the customer to free items in Wawa stores. Diebold service technicians took two days to load the golden tickets into more than 900 ATMs, averaging an estimated 19 machines per hour.

"To better serve our customers, we align ourselves with the best, most technologically advanced service providers," said Rob Beveridge, vice president, ATM operations, PNC. "Diebold is PNC's premier partner. We are extremely happy with the reliable service they provide and the benefits the partnership has allowed us to pass on to our customers."

As a result of the partnership, traffic at PNC ATMs in Wawa stores has grown to three times that of a typical PNC branch ATM. Each month, approximately $600 million is dispensed via 7 million transactions conducted at PNC ATMs in Wawa stores, equaling an estimated 233,000 transactions each day.

In addition to surcharge-free transactions, Wawa has delivered promotional offers for discounted merchandise and meal items through an ATM couponing program. The coupons are distributed by time of day. Morning customers may receive a coupon for a discount on a breakfast sandwich, while afternoon customers receive coupons for lunch items.

To keep up with growing demand, PNC is working on a major modernization initiative for Wawa ATMs. During the next 15 months, all legacy PNC ATMs in Wawa stores will be upgraded to Diebold Opteva cash dispensers. In addition to giving all PNC ATMs across the Wawa network the same look, feel and customer experience, the transition to an all-Opteva fleet will enable PNC to decrease cash management costs.

More than 900 surcharge-free ATMs with availability exceeding 99 percent have delivered a consistent, convenient consumer experience, according to a joint statement. The partnership between Diebold, PNC and Wawa began in 1998. In other Wawa news, the chain is commemorating Employee Ownership Month, taking time to celebrate the value of its employee stock ownership plan with programs that engage associates, the greater Wawa family and community, President and CEO Howard Stoeckel wrote in his online journal. Associates will receive special calendars with daily facts about the company's ESOP, as well as ribbons to wear with their name tags celebrating employee ownership.

In addition to Wawa family members, more than 8,000 Wawa associates participate in the chain's ESOP and collectively have a 28 percent ownership stake in the company.

"We are proud of the unique ownership structure we have and the constant source of strength it has been through the years," Stoeckel wrote. "To us, our ESOP is part of what unites our associates and engages our entire organization to achieve our plans and sustain our growth. The ESOP creates an opportunity for our associates to literally take stock in their futures, and that's something we're all passionate about."