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Wawa Enrolls Stores in Gilbarco's Daily Flow Monitoring Service

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Gilbarco Veeder-Root signed an agreement to provide its Daily Flow Monitoring service for the entire network of gasoline stores operated by Wawa Inc., a leading retail petroleum marketer in the eastern United States.

Daily Flow Monitoring, a Web-based service released earlier this year as a component of Gilbarco's Fuel Management Service, provides real-time, 24-hour reporting of fuel flow rates at each fueling position across a retailer's network.

Greg Sears, director of marketing - FMS at Gilbarco, said, "Daily Flow Monitoring will enable Wawa's fueling operations group to maintain optimal flow rates for every dispenser at their retail locations. That enhances profitability by maintaining high throughput and making dispenser maintenance costs more manageable."

Sears says Daily Flow Monitoring will continuously analyze flow data at Wawa dispensers, and will send an e-mail notice to the maintenance manager if the flow rate at any fueling position drops below performance thresholds established by Wawa.

"The system is an excellent fit with Wawa's existing Veeder-Root TLS 350R tank monitoring equipment," Sears explained. "Daily Flow Monitoring enables Wawa to realize even more value from their installed TLS equipment base. We are focused on developing new services that deliver direct cost savings and operational improvement."

Wawa fueling equipment manager Scott Boorse says the benefits of Daily Fuel Monitoring will extend beyond equipment and maintenance considerations.

"Gasoline is an important part of our promise to simplify our customers' daily lives,” he said. 'The quality of our customers' experience at a Wawa fuel pump is important to our brand. Making sure fueling flow rates are high shows our customers we know their time is valuable and that we understand the importance of convenience."

Wawa's gasoline operation also includes a state-of-the-art CRIND (credit card reader) system, enabling customers to complete credit-card transactions at the pump. Installation of Daily Flow Monitoring equipment and software at all Wawa gasoline stores is expected to be completed by mid-summer, Boorse said.

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