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Wawa Seeks to Sell Beer in Pennsylvania

CONCORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. — As Pennsylvania's strict laws on beer sales begin to ease, more stores are seeking to add the alcoholic beverages to their cold vaults. Wawa Inc. is no exception.

The Pennsylvania-based convenience store retailer filed a request with Concord Township officials to add six-packs of beer to its convenience store on Naamans Creek Road in the township. Wawa already sells beer in its stores in Florida and Virginia; this would be its only beer store in Pennsylvania, according to a report by

Township officials have scheduled a June 30 hearing on Wawa's request. Under the rules, the store must have a public hearing when it wishes to change its product line; it had a similar hearing when it wanted to start selling diesel fuel. The store would also need a liquor license to sell beer, the news outlet reported.

Wawa spokesman Lori Bruce said the company views this as a "single-store product expansion. We may look to expand the offering depending on our experience at this store and the licensing requirements in the communities and states we serve."

She added that Wawa would "obtain all certifications necessary to ensure our store associates have the resources and training they need to fully comply with all laws regarding the sale of alcohol."

Pennsylvania-based Wawa operates more than 690 convenience stores, including 420 with gasoline, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

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