Wawa Selects Firm to Retool Web Strategy

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Wawa Selects Firm to Retool Web Strategy

WILMINGTON, Del. -- To successfully revamp Wawa Inc.'s Web strategy, the Archer Group, an Internet marketing company, will eat Wawa, drink Wawa, think Wawa, dream Wawa and shop Wawa, The News Journal reported.

Based in Wilmington, Archer Group recently earned the challenge to redesign the Wawa.com site and retool its online marketing strategies after besting several national firms competing for the contract. Archer's task now -- one that will involve daily work from multiple staffers and every department over the next few months -- ultimately seeks to make the Wawa site a more significant, far-reaching and effective tool in the company's marketing efforts, according to the newspaper report.

To do that, Archer execs said they'll focus on exploring the mindset of Wawa customers -- their desires, hopes, even the occasional grumbles. "We need to be advocates for the user," said Todd Miller, creative vice president. "We need to understand their needs."

Wawa wants to engage the Web's potential like it never has before, Lisa Wollan, head of consumer insights and brand strategy for the chain, told The News Journal. Wawa believes Archer has the competence and creativity to ensure the company's Web presence keeps pace technically, and also make it a place where customers are engaged and involved, whether through chat boards or focus groups, she said.

Archer prevailed because it listened to what Wawa asked for, and because it took the initiative to go beyond even that, Wollan explained. "The Archer Group really did their homework when they came back to talk to us," she said.

"They've given us a lot of creative freedom" in turn, said Miller.