Weird but True: Man Robs C-store With Tongs

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Weird but True: Man Robs C-store With Tongs


FORT SMITH, Ark. -- Convenience store operators may want to begin keeping their hot dog tongs behind the counter, or at the very least chained down like those pens at the bank.

Neither a would-be robber or his weapon of choice appeared to be very sharp, according to Arkansas police, when the allegedly intoxicated man tried to rob a Fort Smith convenience store by threatening the clerk with a pair of hot dog tongs.

Witnesses told police that Renee Jackson, 35, grabbed the tongs from the store's food counter and threatened the clerk and customers for money. After no one appeared to take him seriously, however, he sat outside the store waiting for police to arrive, according to news reports.

Police reported that Jackson told officers he wanted to go to jail to see how his family did without him because they did not appreciate him. He faces two counts of attempted aggravated robbery.