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What's New In Foodservice

Squeeze Bottle Holder

Server Products' new eight-bottle Squeeze Bottle Holder makes dispensing cold condiments for sandwiches and other foods simple and efficient. The stainless steel unit fits in a cold table, taking up the space of a one-third size pan. The top has eight openings and comes complete with bottles. The covered top helps keep the cold in, and the bottles are suspended in a basket that lets cold air circulate. One-, two- and three-bottle squeeze bottle holders are also available, according to the company.

Server Products

Richfield, Wisc.

(800) 558-8722

Alliance Retail Scale

The Alliance/OHAUS RA Series Retail Scale is a portable unit that features rugged ABS plastic construction and a removable stainless steel pan that is easy to clean. Simple to operate, it has raised positive feedback keys with a key-pass beeper, a by-count price computing function, memory storage and large front and rear backlit LCD displays. The scale measures only 12.3x12.9x4.6” and is ideal for portioning and packaging meats and cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, coffee, tea and ice cream, the vendor stated. It is powered by six “D” batteries for up to 60 hours and includes a 120V adapter.

Alliance Scale inc.

Canton, Mass.

(800) 343-6802

Concepts FS Series

Structural Concepts FS series self-service refrigerated islands are designed to put grab-and-go foods in the spotlight. The FSI105R and the smaller FSI65R are multi-shelf islands that can display more packaged deli items and beverages in less space. Standard features include forced air refrigeration, a medium temperature integrated average of 41 degrees, non-lighted solid shelves, a T-8 top light and an open reach-in front. Energy-saving options for both models include lighted shelves, energy-efficient evaporator fans, a coated evaporator coil, Structural Concepts' exclusive Breeze self-contained slide-out refrigeration system and a Clean Sweep condenser coil cleaner.

Structural Concepts

Muskegon, Mich.

(800) 433-9489

Condiment Organizer

Server Products' new countertop organizer will keep condiment areas clean and mess-free while helping operators eliminate waste and improve efficiency, according to the company. The PPO-3 is a top-load, large-capacity organizer with two dividers forming three compartments. Portion packs channel to the front, continually replenishing the supply. The PPO-3 is backed by a two-year warranty.

Server Products

Richfield, Wisc.

(800) 558-8722


Large retail outlets can now make and bag up to 200 10-pound bags (1,800 to 2,000 pounds) of pure KOLD-DRAFT ice per day, on premises, with KOLD-DRAFT's new GB2060 Series ice machine, now available as part of the automatic ISB Ice Bagging System. The GB2060 Series, unlike other 2,000-lb. machines, is actually two 1,000lb. machines mounted together. The GB2060 Series ice machines can produce pure KOLD-DRAFT ice in either full cubes or half cubes, and come with liquid cooled or remote air-cooled condenser systems. As part of the ISB Ice Bagging System, the ice machines can be combined with either a 6-foot or 8-foot merchandiser.


Erie, Pa.

(800) 840-9577

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