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Wilson Farms Opens Buffalo's First E85 Pump

NORTH TONWANDA, N.Y. -- Wilson Farms and Reid Petroleum marked an environmental milestone earlier this month, when the companies opened Buffalo's first E85 fuel pump at a Wilson Farms location here, the company reported.

"This is truly a turning point for the Buffalo area with the introduction of ethanol fuel," said Nanula. "It is an honor for Wilson Farms to be part of this moment in environmental history as E85 has been proven to pose less risk to our environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, a harmful greenhouse gas."

A ribbon cutting ceremony marked the occasion, along with comments from the CEO and president of Wilson Farms Inc., Paul Nanula, and the president of Reid Petroleum, Paul Quebral. North Tonawanda Mayor Larry Soos cut the ribbon for the event.

"For both environmental and economic reasons, there is an increasing number of flex fuel vehicles on the road throughout the U.S., including in Western New York," added Quebral. "Reid Petroleum has been supplying motor fuels throughout Western New York since 1922, and it is important that we provide E85 now as an option for this growing sector of customers. We are especially pleased to be doing so with a partner like Wilson Farms."
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