Wrigley to Reduce Carbon Footprint

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Wrigley to Reduce Carbon Footprint

LONDON -- Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. is on its way to reducing the carbon footprint it creates in its logistics operations—possibly by 20 percent.

Infosys Technologies is enabling the world's leading chewing gum manufacturer to transform its logistics operations by providing solutions and services in a pilot to determine how much carbon emissions are produced, and subsequently may be reduced, across the company’s truck-based shipping operations in Western Europe.

"Managing our impact on the environment is an integral part of Wrigley corporate philosophy," said Ian Robertson, head of Wrigley's supply chain sustainability. "We’re committed to making improvements across all operations, but need an integrated enterprise system to measure progress. Infosys provided that solution and services to empower that process."

Early in the pilot, Infosys identified logistics operations in which Wrigley may reduce its carbon footprint by as much as 20 percent, and provided process consulting around operational adoption.

The analysis will continue to evaluate Wrigley’s complex distribution network across six countries in Western Europe, which spans more than 44 million kilometers a year in shipments between suppliers, the company and its own customers. This includes its distribution centers' emissions of CO2, according to the UK’s Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) standards. Infosys is using its patent-pending Logistics Optimization solution and carbon management tools to deliver the carbon footprint analysis to Wrigley as a managed information service.

"Companies around the world are accepting their role as a force for good in advancing their sustainability and cost-cutting goals together," said Sandeep Dadlani, vice president of retail, consumer packaged goods and logistics at Infosys Technologies. "We are partnering with progressive leaders like Wrigley by providing solutions and services that help them with their sustainability and profitability goals together."