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ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars

Ross Products is offering five new flavors of its all-natural ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars. They are Chocolate Coconut Crunch, Peanut Toffee, Orange Cranberry Crunch, Mango Orange Delight and Peach Apricot Parfait. In all, the bars are available in 18 flavors and come in a serving size of 50 grams. They can be purchased individually with a suggest retail price of $1.29 or in five-, six- and 12-count cartons. Each all-natural bar contains 210 calories and 15-16 grams of protein, and is a good source of 19 vitamins and minerals. New packaging includes a bolder blue-and-gold ZonePerfect logo. ZonePerfect's marketing campaign includes national print advertising, product sampling and retail promotions.

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