2020 Category Captain for E-Cigarette/Vapor Products: E-Alternative Solutions


Regulatory challenges, sharpening consumer demand and rapid growth are quickly shaping emerging, alternative industries. Companies need to be positioned to succeed. E-Alternative Solutions' (EAS) compliance expertise helps wholesalers and retailers better manage new business categories. EAS prefers to be “right to market” rather than first to market. 

Its product portfolio focuses on consumer needs for high-quality, trustworthy alternative solutions. EAS' award-winning portfolio of research-tested products, resources and trade programs help effectively maximize profitability and drive shoppers through the doors. 

Recent product innovations include:

  • Forth CBD  a comprehensive portfolio of U.S.-grown, hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD topical and edible products. All items have been tested and developed specifically for adult consumers seeking general wellness products. Form factors, price points and packaging sizes are designed to meet the needs of the typical convenience store shopper. The lineup also features an isolate CBD vape pen in two flavors.
  • Leap Vapor rechargeable e-cigarettes Leap delivers an unmatched vaping experience for adult smokers who are seeking a satisfying alternative. With multiple nicotine levels and a full suite of tobacco and menthol flavors that suit the mature palate, Leap delivers a vaping experience the way it was meant to be. The Leap Go e-cigarette is a perfect disposable option, enabling adult smokers to effortlessly customize their vaping experience to their flavor preference and nicotine level.

Retailers rely on EAS for information on the latest legislative regulations and the company provides guidance to retailers on what they can and can't sell.

Other factors that make EAS a Category Captain are:

  • Regular category reviews with retailers focusing on the categories' profitability.
  • Work with retail accounts to develop promotional strategies to drive volume, resulting in a sales increase from $10,000 to $2.5 million in just three years at one major retailer.
  • Tested pilot promotional programs that were successful and used as a proof source for other manufacturers to participate. 
  • Top-to-top meetings with accounts to develop CBD launch strategies.

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