2021 Category Captain for E-Cigarette & Vape Products: E-Alternative Solutions

The supplier's Leap brand revamped its loyalty program, enticing consumers to come back to the store.

During the past year of category changes and economic downturn, E-Alternative Solutions’ Leap brand has kept a strong place in the market. With memorable menthol and tobacco pod blends and a line of disposable e-cigarettes, Leap continues to grow month over month.

While many pod-based vapor manufacturers have experienced hardship due to the national flavor ban and the popularity of disposable e-cigarettes, Leap vapor products experienced success. In 2019, Leap and Leap Go had a 4 percent market share in stores carrying these products, and grew to a 4.5 percent share during a tumultuous 2020.

The Leap Go brand also grew as adult consumers rediscovered disposable e-cigarettes, enjoying their flavored options and ease of use. The brand’s satisfying Fresh Mango, Mint and Smooth Tobacco flavors brought consumers back to the store. Despite having less than a 1 percent market share in 2019, Leap Go more than doubled to reach a 1.4 percent market share in stores carrying the brand in 2020.

Stores with Leap products in their assortment benefit, with chain stores carrying Leap selling an average of 70 e-category units per store per week (UPSPW).  Leap products sell seven UPSPW within chains and five UPSPW in independent stores. In October 2020, Leap Kits outsold competitors in gross UPSPW, signaling steady, healthy growth and leadership in the category.

In 2020, Leap revamped its loyalty program with Leap Smart Rewards, enticing consumers to come back to the store. Currently, Leap Smart Rewards has more than 4,000 active members. In 2021, the program will foster even more consumers with a new points program.

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