2022 Category Captain for General Merchandise: BIC International Inc.

The launch of the BIC EZ Reach Lighter delivered on consumer needs.
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BIC saw an opportunity in the market for an innovative lighter that allows consumers to light hard-to-reach places while keeping their fingers away from the flame. Extensive research was executed prior to launch, and the BIC EZ Reach Lighter delivered on consumer needs.

With more stay-at-home activities occurring, including lighting candles, fires, grilling and camping, the BIC EZ Reach Lighter reaches potential customers outside of tobacco for lighting occasions. 

Its winning entry cited: 

  • Research showing high purchase intent for this type of product, especially for candles.
  • An innovative marketing strategy featuring Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.
  • EZ Reach is seeing strong trial and repeat sales, with incrementality being 70 percent to the lighters category. The product now accounts for a 4-percent share of the non-refillable pocket lighter category. It is also a major driver of overall lighter performance as the BIC brand is growing by 5.3 percent vs. the prior year.

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