2023 Category Captain for OTP/Cigars: Cheyenne International

Cheyenne assists retailers in driving traffic and register rings.
Category Captain_Cheyenne

As maker of the market-leading brand in the OTP filtered cigars category, Cheyenne International is very active in national and state associations that advocate for retailers both large and small. It's been an important part of the Cheyenne business model from day one to serve the single-store owner with as much dedication as it serves a national chain.

Retailers have many things grabbing their attention while running their businesses: labor, space constraints, compliance, etc. Marketing a cigar brand isn't usually No. 1 on their list. That's why Cheyenne does everything it can to promote its brands on the retailer's behalf. From in-store merchandising and point of purchase to digital marketing programs, Cheyenne assists retailers in driving traffic and register rings. A strong digital foundation provides support to retailers both in-person and digitally.

The company is also at the forefront of regulatory issues in the tobacco industry. FDA-compliant, Cheyenne creates and provides valuable resources for retailers to understand regulatory events. Cheyenne takes credibility seriously — its proven track record of compliance makes it easy for retailers to do business with the company.

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