7-Eleven Adds Free Flavor

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7-Eleven Adds Free Flavor

DALLAS -- Flavored beverage shots have been a growing trend at the fountain over the last two years -- with soft drink companies introducing new vanilla and citrus options -- and now 7-Eleven Inc. said it would roll the concept into its beverage program at select convenience stores in the United States.

The Dallas-based convenience store company offers new Big Gulp shot dispensers next to its fountain machines, allowing customers to add a shot of cherry, vanilla or lemon flavoring to any size fountain drink -- and there is no charge for this extra flavor.

"At 7-Eleven our beverage motto is 'freedom of choice,' and we try to provide as many choices as possible," said John Ryckevic, product director for proprietary beverages at 7-Eleven. "By adding the Flavor Shot dispensers, our customers can choose from an endless number of flavor combinations."

The company reports the concept as a "new old-fashioned idea," according to Ryckevic, similar to old-fashioned dispensers where flavor is added at the fountain rather than at a bottler. 7-Eleven will begin the roll out of a new fountain machine offering 18 beverage choices with the flavor shot options in select stores.