7-Eleven and Burger King Go Green for Hulk

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7-Eleven and Burger King Go Green for Hulk

DALLAS -- When Dr. Bruce Banner goes green, his alter ego isn't thinking of the environment. "The Incredible Hulk" will deliver his brand of justice on the big screen this summer paying homage to the popular television series and receiving support from partners including Burger King and 7-Eleven.

"The studio very much wants to distinguish this movie [from the prior film]," Stephanie Hoppe, 7-Eleven's senior director-marketing told BrandWeek.

Hoppe refers to the 2003 box-office bomb "Hulk." "We know the Hulk from 2003 didn't satisfy the fans, and we had to acknowledge that," Stephanie Sperber, executive-vice president, Universal Studios Partnerships, told BrandWeek. "We emphasized the passion that fans still have for this character and that this is the movie people have always wanted."

The movie, hitting theaters June 13th, will feature Edward Norton as the Hulk. All comic heroes need a foil, a nemesis, which in this version is The Abomination played by Tim Roth. Bruce Banner's love interest will be played by Liv Tyler, the report stated.

Burger King (BK) will feature six Hulk toys in kids' meals, dedicated TV ads, in-store signage in 7,500 locations and online promotions. "Our kid demo looks for the flavor of the month; they don't stay too long on any one property," Brian Gies, BK's vice president-marketing impact told BrandWeek. "Summer is a really fertile time to speak to that target and keep them interested in our brand."

7-Eleven will offer movie-themed Slurpees, fresh sandwiches and sweets in its 5,500 stores. In addition, there will be nearly 6 million Incredible Gulp and Slurpee cups, with detachable mini-action figures on the straws. "We know our core consumer is very interested in Hulk. It'll help us enhance our products," Hoppe told BrandWeek.