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7-Eleven Begins Its Biggest Snack Rollout Ever

DALLAS – 7-Eleven Inc. will launch its new Doritos Loaded snack nationwide this week, according to a USA Today report. The snack, which consists of four pieces of warm melted cheese coated in crunchy seasoning, will be available for $1.99 starting Wednesday.

"This is our biggest snack rollout ever," stated Nancy Smith, senior vice president of merchandising at 7-Eleven. "It hits our Slurpee and Big Gulp target."

The new snack is aimed at Millennials who want low-cost, high-flavor snacks, according to the report. Doritos Loaded contains American, cheddar and Romano cheeses, but Dallas-based 7-Eleven and the snack's co-developer PepsiCo Inc. are keeping the seasoning ingredients a secret. The snack pieces arrive frozen at stores, where they are reheated.

Although PepsiCo has promised to develop healthier products, Doritos Loaded fits in with its offerings, according to Chief Marketing Officer Ann Mukherjee. "It's a mini-meal to be eaten on the go," she said. "At the end of the day, it's about balanced eating."

PepsiCo is also rolling out a new 7-Eleven-exclusive Mountain Dew Solar Flare flavor, which is specifically intended to be paired with the Doritos Loaded snack, according to the report.

Expanding Doritos Loaded with additional Doritos flavors is a possibility for the future, said Mukherjee.

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