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7-Eleven Coffee Cup Poll Narrowly Favors Bush

DALLAS -- The results are in and the unofficial 7-Election Presidential Coffee Cup Poll proved just as accurate as many scientific ones with candidates George W. Bush and John F. Kerry in a statistical tie heading into Election Day.

Final 2004 7-Election cup counts tracked within a few percentage points of actual poll results in many states, including key swing states. Casting their votes in participating 7-Eleven stores across the country during the month-long promotion in October, customers served up these results:

I'M VOTING FOR BUSH cups -- 51.08 percent

I'M VOTING FOR KERRY cups -- 48.92 percent

In 2000, the unabashedly unscientific and unofficial 7-Election Presidential Coffee Cup Poll mirrored actual election results between candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore within a few percentage points in most states.

Building off the remarkably accurate results in 2000, the 2004 7-Election Presidential Coffee Cup Poll provided customers at participating 7-Eleven stores the opportunity to cast their "vote" by pouring a 7-Eleven hot beverage into a 20-ounce cup bearing the name of candidates George W. Bush or John F. Kerry.

During the month long poll, daily coffee cup counts were tracked nationally, by state and by major metropolitan area online.

"The presidential race continues to heat up even in the final days before the election," said Kris Nelson, category manager for hot beverages, "and with more than 1 million customers buying coffee at 7-Eleven stores every day, our customers represent a huge segment of the voting population, making 7-Election a real grassroots indicator of what's to come tomorrow."

7-Eleven sells more hot beverages than any of its other proprietary products, brewing more than 10,000 pots of coffee an hour.

"7-Eleven is part of America's everyday life, making our stores ideal for connecting with consumers and understanding what's important to Americans," added Nelson. "Besides making coffee drinking more fun, we were able to raise awareness of the election and the importance of voting in America."
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