7-Eleven & Jones Soda Craft Private-Brand Beverage Line

DALLAS — 7-Eleven Inc. is partnering with Jones Soda Co. to launch 7-Select premium sodas crafted by Jones, the first premium carbonated beverages in 7-Eleven's 7-Select private-brand product lineup.

The sodas are available in five distinct flavors: Twisted Citrus, Fruit Loose, Cocolocolilinut, Tropical Slam Rambutan and Bluesberry Smash. The flavor profiles were developed using feedback from customer focus groups over the course of more than a year, strategically incorporating specific ideas that appeal to the shared 7-Eleven and Jones customer.

Each 7-Select premium soda crafted by Jones is made with natural flavors, lightly sweetened with cane sugar, and ranges from 180 to 195 calories per 20-ounce bottle. The brand includes 75 milligrams of caffeine in each serving.

As the beverage's tagline states, "This is no ordinary soda."

"Our customers have a voice and we used their input to develop 7-Select premium sodas, incorporating internationally inspired flavors into a refreshing lineup," said Jones Soda CEO Jennifer Cue. "These exclusive drinks offer premium ingredients, great taste and a caffeine kick. With fewer calories per serving than the national brands, we believe we have created an ideal product for the 7-Eleven customers of today and tomorrow."

The new 7-Select premium sodas crafted by Jones are packaged in a proprietary plastic PET bottle for portability, featuring an embossed 7-Select logo and a custom carbonation pattern. In typical Jones Soda style, the labels feature black-and-white lifestyle images submitted by Jones and 7-Eleven's consumers.

"We want every 7-Select product to be best-in-class and work to ensure each item stands out because it has the highest quality, the best value, is unique in the market and only available at 7-Eleven," said Sean Thompson, vice president of private brands for 7-Eleven. "Jones was the perfect partner to create a premium soft drink unique enough to carry both the 7-Select and Jones brands."

7-Select premium sodas crafted by Jones are available exclusively at participating 7-Eleven convenience stores across the United States.

Customers can use the hashtag #7SELECTxJONES on social media to suggest ideas for new flavors and post photos for use on future labels.

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