7-Eleven Mixes Up Another Regional Slurpee Flavor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – 7-Eleven Inc. recently added Cheerwine, the "legendary soft drink of the South," as a new regional Slurpee flavor. The cherry-flavored beverage is now available in frozen form at 131 7-Eleven stores in North and South Carolina.

"Our Carolina stores have carried Cheerwine soda, but locals really love having their favorite Southern soft drink as a Slurpee," said Nancy Smith, 7-Eleven's senior vice president of fresh foods and proprietary beverages. "Some tourists visiting North Carolina try Cheerwine for the first time as a Slurpee and then purchase it in cans or bottles to take home with them."

Created nearly 100 years ago, Cheerwine has roots in North Carolina, but its fans can be found around the United States and even the rest of the world, according to the announcement. Those who live outside the South often seek to find Cheerwine in specialty grocers, vintage soda shops, barbecue joints and other outlets found on www.cheerwinefinder.com.

7-Eleven began experimenting with local flavors earlier this year when it introduced the Vernors Ginger Ale Slurpee in Michigan stores. Other local Slurpee flavors include Squirt in Los Angeles-area 7-Eleven stores, and Big Red in the greater San Antonio area.

"Our goal is to get to know our guests and carry not only the products they expect to find at 7-Eleven, but also surprise them with new, unusual and fun items not typically found at a convenience store or anywhere else," Smith said. "And those can vary depending on the state, city, sometimes even the neighborhood. These niche flavors have proved to be true hometown favorites because they're what the locals love and crave."

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