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7-Eleven Sweden Rebrands With a Retro Vibe

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- 7-Eleven Inc. is going retro in Sweden. The convenience store chain is resurrecting elements from its "classic postwar identity," reported Fast Company.

The Swedish branch of 7-Eleven hired Stockholm-based studio BVD to take on a rebrand of the country's stores. Sweden is significant as it was where the c-store chain opened its first European location in 1978.

According to the news outlet, BVD decided to focus on 7-Eleven's 80-year-old graphic identity by amplifying its most distinct elements. Specifically, the reimaging focuses on 7-Eleven's green-and-orange pinstripe pattern, which has fallen out of favor in recent years.

"The iconic stripes are the take-off point of our design," BVD partner Rikard Ahlberg told told Fast Company's Co.Design website."We used them in a new and modern way, creating a strong recognizable graphic signal that works in a busy environment."

Other features of the Swedish rebranding include the resurrection of 7-Eleven's old Unicode type face, as well as a "mashup" of barcode type and generic Gothic font.

The new Swedish 7-Eleven identity is expected to debut by the end of this year. However, the news source said it is unlikely the rebrand will be seen in North America due to differences in both "corporate ownership and consumer sentiment."

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