AyrKing BBS Thin

The new innovation easily merges with existing foodservice equipment and workflows.
AryKing BBS Thin

AyrKing is making it easier to outfit kitchens for efficiency with the new space-saving BBS Thin.The BBS Thin offers all the features of AyrKing's Breader Blender Sifter breading stations, but is designed to fit in as little as 14 inches of linear space.It turns the traditional AyrKing BBS breading station 90 degrees and provides front access to the breading lug and sifted flour basin. The small horizontal profile means food retailers can add the breading station to an existing prep area by shifting equipment or tables by only a few inches.The new food prep equipment automatically sifts breading to remove dough balls and clumps, improving efficiency in commercial kitchens over hand-sifting, which is labor intensive and often leads to significant ingredient waste.

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