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Best Mid-Budget Remodel Winner: Tang Mart

Best Mid-Budget Remodel
Winner: Tang Mart, Attalla, Ala.
Designer: Paragon Solutions

When it came time to remodel his Attalla, Ala., convenience store, Jonathan Tang of IRA Phillips Inc. wanted an out-of-the-box design that embraces and celebrates his Chinese heritage. Working with Paragon Solutions, Tang and the designers created a brand, Tang Mart, which can best be described as approachable, friendly and contemporary.

The brand’s “dragon” icon embossed in rich blue and lime green colors is a simple yet memorable mark that gives the store a fun personality, much like its owner.

It is hard to believe the before and after photos represent the same space, the designers said, as the remodel (plus an addition) resulted in a complete 180-degree turn from the original state and transformed this store into a much-improved customer experience.

An added bonus feature of Tang Mart is a designated pet relief/play area outside, which is still a unique amenity for a present-day convenience store.


Tang Mart Before Remodel

Tang Mart After Remodel

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