Best Original Design Honorable Mention: Parker's

Best Original Design
Honorable Mention: Parker's, Ridgeland, S.C.
Designer: api(+)

The bright, fresh design of Parker’s No. 55 in Ridgeland, S.C., is meant to align with the chain's new "Fast Fresh Friendly" branding campaign. The primary goal for the 4,000-square-foot prototype store was to create a unique, proprietary experience inside and out that is supported through its “design vocabulary” of architecture, materials, color palette, signage and communications.

Parker's other objectives were to enhance convenience and expedite the speed of transaction for customers at the fuel pumps, point-of-sale and drive-thru. The retailer also wanted the form and materials of its new design to be timeless rather than trendy, so as to not become quickly outdated.

Outside the store, a unique arching pylon sign was designed to convey the visual impression of speed and convenience. Inside, even more elements reinforce this impression, such as the beverage center design that reflects the exterior arch. Layout solutions were created to improve customer flow and speed of checkout. Plus, lowered soffits above reach-in beverage doors and beer coolers create organization and further efficiency for hurried shoppers.

Since its March 2016 opening, the store has become one of Parker's most successful locations. Along with continuing to capture both business and leisure traffic, the store services the boating community in nearby Callawassie Island by offering marine fuel on-site.

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