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Best Single-Store Low-Cost Remodel Winner: Lou Perrine's

Best Low-Cost Remodel (Single Store)*
Winner: Lou Perrine’s Gas & Groceries, Kenosha, Wis.

Lou Perrine’s Gas & Groceries, a family-run business for more than 60 years, was in the market for a fresh look. The family’s goal was to make its independent convenience store more family-friendly, welcoming to women, clean and fun.

To achieve this, the third-generation business updated its logo and amped up its overall appeal by incorporating a retro look. This entailed adding wood floors, new countertops and new lighting. The family also cut back on shelving to open up the store.

With the addition of new “fresh” coolers, Lou Perrine’s shifted its focus to foodservice by stocking them with salads, healthy alternatives, meats and cheeses. The store also used the remodel to put an emphasis on the sale of its private-label products including cheese, root beer, cake, bottled water, T-shirts, reusable grocery bags, and more.

“Since we are so well-known in town, we decided to capitalize on our name and really try and tell our story,” the family stated in its contest entry.

Because the store is open 24 hours a day, remodeling was a challenge. Most of the work, including the floors and counters, was completed at night on Mondays, the store’s slower night. It was worth the hassle, though, as following the remodel, Lou Perrine’s has seen an increase in foot traffic upwards of 200 people a day, and a 10-percent increase in overall inside sales.

When it was all said and done, Lou Perrine’s spent a total of $45,000 on outside signage, new marketing, a new website, interior signage, floors, walls and counters.

*Awards were presented separately to chains and single stores.

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