BillBoard Video Redesigns Programs

BillBoard Video Inc., the first company to provide full motion video advertisements through a wireless media network, has developed a new prototype and program features for its advertising network.

The monitors, which allow customers view video advertisements, have been remodeled to provide interactivity and intelligence at the fuel pumps. The company will install the prototype, the Integrated Media Display, into all future partnerships with convenience store and petroleum retailers and retrofit existing models.

The prototype enables a variety of new features and offerings for the retailer and advertiser, as well as for the consumer. "We went back to the drawing board," said William Hall, founder and CEO of BillBoard Video. "After our initial rollout last year, we received valuable input from our advertisers and retailers. This new prototype will provide the intelligence, interactivity, and functionality that the marketplace has demanded."

The company has been in a research and development mode for the past year and will unveil the new prototype at the NACS Show in October.

The prototype and programs will offer the following features:
* Interactivity. The new interactive interface will allow consumers the ability to discover store specials in item categories in which they are most interested. They will also be able to receive e-coupons for products in the store. In the future, retailers will be able to team with other retailers to cross-promote and sell items at the pump that they do not carry on location, such as concert tickets and movie.
* Intelligence. The Integrated Media Display units are equipped to activate intelligence modules developed by BillBoard Video. These modules will allow retailers to gather a variety of information at the pump.
* Brand Loyalty programs. The ability to customize screen content and promotional offers to individual consumers.
* Enhanced Display. The screen size has been increased from 12 viewable inches to 15 viewable inches. They can withstand extreme temperature variations, exposure to weather, and vandalism, and are compatible with any brand or style of gasoline dispenser.
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