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BP Launches Amoco Ultimate in Chicago

CHICAGO -- BP is offering a new formulation of its Amoco Ultimate premium gasoline, Amoco Ultimate crystal clear premium, in Chicago.

BP is supporting the Chicago launch with traditional and non-traditional marketing communications efforts to help broaden awareness of the brand and Amoco Ultimate crystal clear in this key market. Traditional marketing efforts will include print, broadcast and radio advertising set to begin running locally Aug. 3. In addition, BP is reaching out to automotive technicians, auto clubs and other interested experts and associations to communicate the benefits of premium and how Amoco Ultimate crystal clear stands apart from the competition.

“When it comes to selecting a gasoline, we want to take the guesswork out of which fuel to select at the pump and to help make our customers' choice 'clear,'” said Philip New, senior vice president, FMG. “With just a few fill-ups this new blend of fuel can provide smoother acceleration and overall improved performance.”

BP's testing showed that through continuous usage of Amoco Ultimate crystal clear premium, motorists can experience a 64 percent reduction of intake valve deposits, an average 41 percent reduction in hesitation during acceleration, the company said.

“In addition to these performance benefits, if every Chicagoland motorist switched to Amoco Ultimate crystal clear premium, it would be like taking the equivalent to the emissions of 1.4 million cars off the road every day,” said Mark Ensinger, manager of global fuels technology at BP.

Amoco Ultimate crystal clear premium is part of BP's family of trusted Amoco fuels, which includes Amoco Silver and Amoco Regular. Amoco fuels have been No. 1 in quality for more than 15 years by a consumer survey and Amoco fuels are backed by a written guarantee.
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