Bud Light Golden Wheat Goes Nationwide

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Bud Light Golden Wheat Goes Nationwide

ST. LOUIS -- In response to the growing popularity of wheat beers and consumer demand for more flavorful light beers, Anheuser-Busch introduced Bud Light Golden Wheat nationwide this week.

The beer is an unfiltered wheat brewed with citrus and coriander, and the brewer claims it has the "drinkability of Bud Light."

"Bud Light has the unique ability to introduce wheat beers to a broader audience of beer drinkers," Mike Sundet, senior director of Bud Light brands, said in a statement. "With the personality of Bud Light, Bud Light Golden Wheat appeals to light beer drinkers who seek a variety of flavor options from their beer."

In a statement, Anheuser-Busch called Bud Light Golden Wheat a beer for dining out with friends, relaxing at home or when light beer drinkers seek a change of pace.

"Bud Light Golden Wheat is not a craft beer, but captures the refreshment of the wheat beer style while remaining consistent with Bud Light's product attributes that beer drinkers enjoy," Sundet added. "Our Innovations and brewing teams have worked for almost two years developing Bud Light Golden Wheat from consumer insight and perfecting it to Bud Light standards."

Bud Light Golden Wheat contains 118 calories, 4.1 percent alcohol by volume and is available in 12-ounce glass bottles, 22-ounce single-serve bottles and draught. A 3.2 percent alcohol by volume version is also available.

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