Cadbury Adams USA Brings Back Old Favorites

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Cadbury Adams USA Brings Back Old Favorites

Next year marks the 135th birthday of modern chewing gum in America. To mark the occasion, Cadbury Adams USA LLC is bringing back its classic brands -- Beeman's, Black Jack and the apple and cherry flavors of the popular Adams Sour gums, but only for a limited time.

The Cadbury Adams name is derived, in part, from the father of modern chewing gum, Thomas Adams. Adams was the first to receive a patent for a gum manufacturing machine in 1871, enabling him to mass-produce chewing gum from his factory located on Vesey Street in New York City.

"We're giving back memories to gum chewers with the reintroduction of the flavors they remember from their childhood," said Daniel Antico, marketing director for the Parsippany, N.J.-based company. "Thousands of Americans grew up chewing Beeman's, Black Jack and Adams Sour gums, so we are excited to make their favorite flavors -- and the happy memories they associate with those flavors -- available to them again."

"We are especially excited about the Adams Sour line, which is back on the market for the first time in more than 20 years."

Minty Beeman's was first mass-produced in 1898 with an original recipe that contained pepsin to help settle the stomach. Black Jack was introduced in the late 19th century and its classic licorice taste wasn't the only unique thing about it. When it was introduced, Adams hired pretty young women to pass out sample sticks of Black Jack on the streets of New York City. Adams Sour is a fruity, tangy gum that will make you pucker. Once available in a wide variety of fruit flavors, the Sour line was discontinued in the early 1980s, but is making a return in classic Sour Apple and Sour Cherry flavors.