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Cenex Introduces New Visa Rewards Cards

INVER GROVE HEIGHTS, Minn. -- CHS Inc. is introducing two versions of the Cenex Visa card, where every dollar consumers spend will earn rewards on future purchases when they use it: the Cenex Visa platinum card, available for consumers, and the Cenex Visa business card, which is the only credit card developed by a refined fuels retailer specifically for small businesses.

Cenex is the energy brand of CHS, which operates 1,600 local cooperatives, independent retailers and Cenex-identified convenience stores from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest and from the Canadian border to Texas.

Cenex Visa credit cards can be used to make purchases with any retailer that accepts Visa cards. Cardholders earn 3 percent rewards on purchases of Cenex refined fuels and on in-store purchases of Cenex products up to $50. In-store Cenex product purchases exceeding $50 and purchases at non-Cenex retail locations earn 1 percent rewards.

A special introductory offer doubles rewards up to 6 percent and 2 percent, respectively, for purchases made during the first 60 days after opening a new account. Rewards are paid in $5 increments and apply to future purchases made with the card at a Cenex location. Reward programs are supported and administered by National City Bank, Cleveland.

"We want to reward our loyal customers for relying on Cenex-branded gasoline, diesel, lubricants and other products," said Kristie Sprague, manager of credit cards at CHS.

Businesses taking advantage of the new co-branded card can consolidate purchases for two or more accounts into one monthly invoice and payment. "This streamlined process will help our business cardholders reduce management time and monitor expenses," said Sprague. "Plus, the rewards they receive with the Cenex Visa Business card can substantially reduce their fuel and other energy product costs."

Cenex-branded retailers can use high-impact merchandising materials to promote the new Cenex Visa cards, including pump-toppers, pump pads, window clings, banners, promotional buttons, change mat inserts, application forms and more. Employee education kits also are available.
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