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Circle K Bows to Pressure

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. -- Anti-pornography activists scored a major victory as Phillips Petroleum Co. has decided to pull pornographic magazines from its 2,300 Circle K convenience stores.

"Phillips has had a long-standing policy against adult magazines in their convenience stores," Phillips representative Julie Igo told the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise. "So when Phillips acquired Tosco, they implemented in the policy in Circle K stores as well."

Phillips acquired the stores when it merged with Tosco Corp. last year. Circle K had been the largest convenience store chain that sold pornographic magazines, the report said.

Circle K has reportedly been under pressure for more than 10 years from the Family Association to stop selling obscene magazines in its stores. The Florida-based activist group reported that they recently warned officials at Phillips Petroleum that plans were in the works to educate consumers about the company's role in the sale of pornographic magazines.

When asked if there had been any negative feedback on the decision, Igo said, "I haven't been monitoring that, but there are always both sides to an issue so I'm sure that there is some."
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