Coca-Cola: A Burst of Energy

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Coca-Cola: A Burst of Energy

LAS VEGAS--Coca-Cola North America revved up the National Association of Convenience Stores convention, giving attendees a taste of its expanding selection of energy drinks.

The 2006 launches of ADVANCE by POWERade, Tab Energy and a second Full Throttle flavor, Full Throttle Fury, double the size of Coca-Cola’s fast-growing energy drink category. The new products build on the successful launch of Full Throttle and Rockstar Inc.’s Rockstar and Von Dutch energy drinks in 2005.

ADVANCE by POWERade combines sports and energy drinks to give active consumers B-vitamins and electrolytes, as well as taurine and caffeine. The beverage will be available in January 2006 and comes in Cherry Lime and Berry. Tab Energy is a new energy drink created for women. The carbonated pink beverage is sugar-free with only five calories per can. The beverage will be available in February 2006. Full Throttle Fury and Full Throttle Sugar Free have a citrus flavor and will hit store shelves in January 2006.

"The Coca-Cola system is quickly becoming a force in the energy drink category, and this incredible portfolio of beverages offers our customers unsurpassed brands and unparalleled convenience," Rafael Acevedo, brand manager for sports and energy drinks for Coca-Cola North America, said. "We want to be a ‘one stop shop’ for our retail partners and in 2006 our energy drink portfolio will offer premium brands for every type of energy drink consumer."