Coke to Place Calorie Info on Package Fronts

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Coke to Place Calorie Info on Package Fronts

ATLANTA -- Beginning next year, Coca-Cola North America will place calories-per-serving and servings-per-container information on the front of all packages within its entire U.S. beverage portfolio—a move the company said will help consumers make dietary selections that enable them to stay within their total daily calorie allotment.

The new front-of-package labeling includes information that was always located in the Nutrition Facts panel of Coca-Cola products, but it is now easier for consumers to see this important information at-a-glance, according to the beverage giant.

"We view our label as a powerful tool for education, an opportunity to communicate with consumers every time they choose one of our products at the store or have a Coca-Cola beverage on their table," Celeste Bottorff, Coke’s vice president of Living Well, said in a statement. "We listen to what consumers tell us they want, respond creatively and encourage everyone to make informed decisions about what they drink, choices that reflect a sense of balance and moderation. It’s part of our Live Positively philosophy."

Coca-Cola noted it has been at the forefront of labeling initiatives for nearly 20 years, leading the way in adding per-package nutrition information on labels, in addition to the per-serving information required by regulation. Last year, the company began including caffeine-content information on the labels of products with added caffeine.