COMPETITIVE WATCH: Stop & Shop, Giant Unveil New Logos

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COMPETITIVE WATCH: Stop & Shop, Giant Unveil New Logos

QUINCY, Mass. -- In an effort to remain progressive while recognizing consumer needs, grocery retailer Stop & Shop redesigned its longstanding logo, while offering advanced technologies and in-store features that will gradually rollout over the next year.

"This is the beginning of an evolution for Stop & Shop" Jim Dwyer, executive vice president of strategy and business development for parent company Ahold USA, said in a released statement. "From self-service markets to the introduction of the region’s first superstore, Stop & Shop has always been an industry pioneer. The new in-store features and modern look allow us to provide customers with better convenience as a prelude for more planned innovations."

Along with aesthetic updates, including a brighter color schemed logo, customers will have the opportunity to sample a new range of more than 100 fresh prepared foods including soups, new fresh-flavored rotisserie chickens and hot and cold sides.

New in-store features include a family friendly lane, which is a tabloid free, candy free checkout aisle that offers healthy snack alternatives such as yogurt, animal crackers and bottled water.

Progressive technologies include self-checkout aisles, Delivision digital kiosk, an Easy Shop hand-held device that allows customers to scan and bag groceries while they shop, and a one-stop station in the produce department where customers can weigh, price and bag their fresh fruits and produce.

"Customers talked and we listened," consumer advisor Andrea Astrachan said in a released statement. "The new look shows customers that we¹re making changes and committed to providing great food and meal solutions at low prices everyday."

In related news, another Ahold USA company, grocery retailer Giant, has redesigned its logo and will rollout updates to its 100 locations over the course of the next two to three years.

Robin Michel, executive vice president and general manager of Giant/Landover, explained that the Georgetown Square Giant in Bethesda, Md., will be the first to see the new logo, which will appear on the storefront today.

"The new logo represents a fresh look for Giant," Michel said in a released statement. "The livelier, brighter colors represent a change, but the things that customers have come to know and love about Giant will always remain the same. We’re proud of our heritage and our deep community roots and will continue doing what we’ve been doing right for more than 70 years."

Giant, like Stop & Shop, will feature upgraded check out and shopping technologies as well as an associate discount program which offers associates and their families 5 percent off all store items and an additional 5 percent off store brands. Michel noted Giant is currently the only chain in the region that provides an associate discount.

"Our associates have and always will be the face of Giant," Michel said in a statement. "We know that customers count on them. The discount shows our commitment to them. We believe that happy associates will be more willing to deliver a great shopping experience making our customers happy."