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Create Impulse Sales at the Forecourt with Front-of-Store Fixtures from MasonWays


Today people are in a hurry and you have only a moment to capture the shopper’s attention at the pump. Shoppers are looking for convenience and visual triggers can be used to encourage customers to make a purchase they may not thought of prior to filling their vehicle. Signage in conjunction with creative displays account for a high percentage of impulse shopping at retail. MasonWays bases are the perfect vehicle to create convenient displays for storing seasonal necessities or high demand products where customers will see them for increased impulse sales. With optional sign channels you can incorporate graphics and printed signage to make your displays really stand out.

MasonWays display fixtures are impervious to weather and require no assembly. Over 80 base sizes along with three and four-foot stair step options with 2 or 3 step shelves. Bases are manufactured with an advanced “no-seam” durable technology that increases safety yet economically priced carrying a 10 year warranty.

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