DjEEP Sees the Light

DjEEP, maker of disposable lighters, unveiled a new line of luxury lighters in a sleek new package designed specifically to spur impulse sales among smokers.The new lighters are available in three metallic finishes -- gold, silver and copper -- and will be made available across the United States through Swedish Match North America and other tobacco products distributors."As the tobacco market has changed over the past several years, DjEEP quality and value have become much more attractive to consumers," said Scott Ivins, president of DjEEP. "The price of cigarettes has grown so much that a quality disposable lighter has become a bargain. We designed the new DjEEP Luxury Lighters to deliver a high-quality feel and shape to the lighter purchaser.Ivins is confident in the success of the new DjEEP items. "While the initial product investment by a retailer may be a few dollars more, DjEEP offers a significantly higher dollar profit per transaction than ordinary lighters," he said. "In the end, you can't beat profit."
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