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DNA Brands Kicks Off Rebranding, New Marketing Campaign

BOCA RATON, FL -- DNA Brands Inc. is rebranding its entire line of DNA Energy Drinks in a bid to reach a greater portion of the growing energy drink market. The drink has been popular with the action sports community and its enthusiasts.

"The one comment we hear over and over is that energy drinks don't taste good. We were previously selected as the best tasting energy drink by an independent international World Beverage Competition. We intend to get this fact out to the energy drink consumer," explained Darren Marks, president of DNA Brand." Our current graphics were primarily geared to the action sports community. Although we will continue to pursue these same customers, we will do it with new and innovative products geared to better communicate the brand's core identity while appealing to a much broader demographic; active consumers from every walk of life.

"We are confident that this rebranding will enable us to better position ourselves in a category that continues to re-invent itself and grow at a rapid pace. Energy drink sales increased 17.2 percent in 2011, the highest growth rate since 2007," he added.

To help with the company's rebranding efforts, DNA Brands has promoted Jeff Jonke to executive vice president and general manager.

DNA Energy Drink can be found at independent retailers throughout the state of Florida, as well as national retailers including RaceTrac, Circle K and Walgreens. Distribution is primarily through Grass Roots Beverage, the company's wholly owned subsidiary, and select Miller and Anheuser-Bush distributors in select markets.


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