Dresser Wayne and Zarco 66 Open "Green" Station

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Dresser Wayne and Zarco 66 Open "Green" Station

By W.B. King

NEW YORK -- Zarco 66 Earth Friendly Fuels and Dresser Wayne, global marketer of fuel dispensers and technologies, have partnered on a unique eco-friendly fuel station concept that epitomizes "going green."

"Everyone is extremely excited to have a retail fuel facility that is creating a sustainable location and providing a renewable energy source in our community. The community is embracing this project and appreciates our approach of modifying a new facility rather than building a new site," owner Scott Zaremba, told CSNews Online.

The existing fuelling station at 900 Iowa Street, Lawrence, Kansas has been transformed into an eco-friendly site that only dispenses alternative fuels, including E10, some of which can save compliant motorists as much 50 cents per gallon.

"Modifying a facility takes a great deal of community and government coordination so there has been a tremendous amount of community involvement, and it is an evolving project as technology continues to develop," said Zaremba.

On June 30, the official grand opening will commence complete with festivities. Among speakers at the ceremony will be John Askew, Regional Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency Region 7 and Adrian Polansky, secretary, Kansas Dept. of Agriculture.

"Zarco 66 and EPA's mutual belief in the four Rs 'Reduce, Recycle, Renew, Reuse,' has been the foundation of that partnership. They have worked together to achieve a pilot program that they believe can be successful across the US," told CSNews Online. "EPA is using the Zarco 66 station to outline best practices and set forth guidelines for other stations that want to transform into green, eco-friendly sites."

Environmentally friendly store features include:

-- Replacement of existing 320 watt metal halide bulbs with 105 watt florescent lights.
-- Recycle bins adjacent to trash cans.
-- Recycled metal rebar from old concrete.
-- Installation of innovative leak detection and tank compatibility technology.
-- "Living roof," a roof rain garden that reduces urban heat-island effect and storm water runoff and filter pollutants and greenhouse gases from the air.