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Entenmann's Introduces Enten-mini's

Entenmann's Inc. is introducing a new line of baked sweets to meet the busy lifestyles of Americans, the company said.

The seven new cakes, brownies and dessert treats, called Enten-mini's, were created for families who seek to marry their cravings for sweet treats, indulgence and great taste with convenience and moderation, with products that are "right-sized" for both adults and children. A colorful rainbow logo adorns the packaging of the three mini-products created with kids and their lunch boxes in mind: Roundabouts, Brownie Frosters and Chocolate ½ Rounds. The traditional Entenmann's blue and white colors are used in the logo for the four slightly larger and more sophisticated adult treats: Napoleons, Caramel & Creme Squares, Carrot Cakes and full-sized Chocolate Rounds.

The company's fast-growing Lite Bites, introduced in 1998, put mini-versions of popular treats like blueberry muffins and fudge brownies in multiple-serving boxes. With Enten-mini's, the bakery offers multi-packs of single-and twin-servings in portions sized to adults and children.

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