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ExxonMobil to Launch Global Campaign

Exxon Mobil Corp. is launching a $150 million marketing effort to promote its Exxon, Esso and Mobil brands. But what is striking is that the company wants the ads to carry the same look and feel regardless of the country in which they appear, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

To do this, ExxonMobil has produced five hours of commercial footage to be used as a library by local markets. As many as six different casts act out essentially the same story lines, with local markets picking which vignettes they want to use in their region. The company, created by the merger of Exxon and Mobil in 1999, will use the footage to advertise its brands in 100 countries.

In recent years, many global marketers have concluded that brands are best built by creating a message prepared and created locally.

But this time, Greg Gilson, global advertising manager at ExxonMobil, opted for "centralization" to ensure that the television spots would be consistent and of the same quality.

The campaign comes as the company's cautious stance on global warming has raised the possibility of a consumer protest in Europe, one of its biggest markets. And in the U.S., many drivers remain exasperated by stiff gasoline prices.

If you let 100 countries come up with an ad you could get 100 different images and ads, the report said. In this case, the message and ad are the same and the story is told through a voice-over in one of 25 languages.

The approach illustrates how global marketers may begin purchasing advertising in bulk to save money. Though its brands vary from market to market, ExxonMobil used essentially one set and one commercial shoot in the campaign, and thus avoids paying big sums to duplicate the process in its local markets.

Omnicom Group's DDB Worldwide agency developed the campaign, which carries the tagline "We are drivers too."

ExxonMobil is no stranger to spending big bucks on advertising campaigns. Last year the company spent $80 million on its U.S. media campaign, the report noted.
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