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Family Express Incorporates Digital Signage to Promote Foodservice

VALPARAISO, Ind. — Family Express Corp. is partnering with Watchfire Signs to implement digital signage at its convenience store locations throughout the Midwest. The chain will specifically use the new digital signage platform to communicate its made-to-order foodservice offerings.

“Family Express wanted a digital messaging platform to complement our daypart marketing strategy, with the ability to customize all of our sign communications with ease, on a system that is dependable,” said Gus Olympidis, president and CEO of Family Express. “We chose Watchfire because of their extraordinary reliability, the strength of Ignite, its programing software for the signs, and its corresponding support service."

Valparaiso-based Family Express is well-known for its proprietary foodservice brands, including its Cravin’s Kitchen made-to-order menu; Java Wave gourmet coffees and signature hot or iced espresso beverages; and its “Square Donut.”

The retailer operates more than 60 convenience stores throughout Indiana. Family Express has already installed Watchfire electronic messaging at nearly 90 percent of its locations, according to David Watson, Watchfire’s director of corporate programs. 

Danville, Ill.-based Watchfire Signs designs, engineers and manufactures LED signs and billboards intended to help businesses increase visibility and drive growth.

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