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GoWash Industries

GoWash Industries’ cloud-based car wash loyalty products and services change the way car wash operators and consumers use carwash technologies, creating customer loyalty through site-specific installations.

Costly, maintenance-heavy car wash equipment and software is a thing of the past. Car wash operators now have access to a profitable loyalty system that enables direct communication with valuable repeat customers. Designed for ease-of-use, the GoWash car wash loyalty system is a secure, cloud-based business relationship platform – complete with integrated billing, marketing, training and annual subscriptions for driving loyalty – using plug-and-play components that work with your existing car wash facilities and chains.

When the vehicle pulls up to the car wash, our equipment reads the customer's card and the car wash is started. The grade of car wash is based on the customers' decision upon account set-up. Your customers may opt for a recurring or promotional package of washes - easily customizable by you.

This simple concept saves both the operator and their customer time and money.

With a simple, inexpensive annual subscription to GoWash, drives loyalty exclusive to your store chain.

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